July 31,2015

Been working almost full throttle so my updates haven’t been quite what they should be and I apologize for that. 
Currently we are working on taking down another trailer, we have a yard sale tomorrow and Sunday so things are looking up so far (:
Miss Mia is back to her old self and off the doggy meds and can now run around an such without us telling her she’s not allowed. 
So that’s pretty much it lately it’s been all work, all except for last Saturday which was my family reunion but other then that it was all work. (:  

 Miss Mia sleeping on the job today 😝


July 22,2015

Well today as well as yesterday has been nothing but work, so I didn’t have time to post yesterday so figured I’d at least make a short post today. 
So we are in the process of finishing up a job where we tore down a whole trailer just 3 of us….poor Mia has been being dog sat while we work because there is no room for her in this truck and she got hit by a plow a few weeks ago, she’s fine and all healed up now though (: 
But that’s pretty much all we’ve been up too is working and trying to get rid of all the stuff that we don’t really need yet have anyways…that would be me I have a hard time getting rid of anything 😝
Well I suppose I should get back to work but here is a picture of the about 1/2 loaded trailer…I think it’s about 1/2 I have no idea I’m bad with math…anyways have a good day all and I will keep you posted as I can 😊 

(I’m also going to post a picture of miss Mia after her accident…it’s not graphic or anything just so everyone knows)


July 20,2015

Today we put a down payment on the boat, so now we own 1/10 of a boat…or at least that’s the way we look at it. 
I had never seen let alone been on a sail boat before! (This includes in and out of the water.)  My daddy is a sternman down in Harpswell so I’ve been on a little lobster boat, so I was simply in awe at exactly how tall and big this boat actually is!!!

Nick used to live on a boat in Florida so he knew what to expect, but he’s teaching me quite a bit about boats before we go on this trip, including some of the boat superstitions regarding changing the name of the boat. (Which by the way he fully believes, where I’m just a little skeptical.)
So as of today we owe $9,000 on the Bristol, like I said before we are not expecting anywhere near what the go fund me page is setup for, that is just around about what we will need (well not so much now) for the whole entire trip including the price of the boat (which is $10,000 all together). Like I said we are working and are also saving money for this trip, we are not expecting it all if any to be given to us (not that it wouldn’t help) it’s still not expected though. 
Anyways more about the boat!! Like I said so tall!!!! The mahogany though is just gorgeous!!! I absolutely loved the wood work, as does Nick!! The inside isn’t much bigger than the camper (as far as height) I’ll tell ya’ though a boat like that sure has a way of making a short girl feel even shorter! (I’m 5’4)! As of today I’m even more excited for this trip even though the boat isn’t even in the water yet! (She has to stay at the boat yard until we pay her off). Okay! So here is exactly what I know about the boat so far: she has an atomic 4 engine, she needs a new battery(batteries?), the old gas drained new put in something about points and she’s basically good to go! (I did mention I don’t know much about boats right?) 

I’m so excited though I’ve always loved the water so I’m just really excited!! (I forgot I’ve also been on a whale watching boat but that was many years ago and I don’t really remember, I was like 10-11 I think maybe younger.) I really don’t have that much experience with boats so this is going to be different and amazing all at the same time AND I get to live on the water without being a mermaid imagine that!

Okay well, I will end my enthusiastic post here and add pictures of the boat 🙂 please continue to stay tuned as I continue to update you on our progress in and out of the water…wish us luck!!! 


July 18,2015 

Well first off I would like to introduce you to our little family. There is me (Claudia), my boyfriend Nick, and our German Shepard lab mix Mia. 
I am 24yrs old and have lived in Maine my whole entire life, I have been to cape cod, New York, and South Carolina all of which was when I was much younger. 
Nick is 32yrs old he was born and raised in Florida, but has spent the past 2yrs in Maine (6months of which was with me.) He runs his own business called Maine cleanouts. Nick has traveled a lot but this will be our first adventure together…but we will get more into that in just a minute. 
Mia is 1yrs old, she’s a rescue dog, but she is well loved and loves everyone, she can be very timid at first but is a big love bug. 
Nick and I are in the process of buying a 32ft Bristol sail boat, which we would like to take from Maine to the Caribbean, which as previously stated will be our first adventure together!  The goal is to leave in November and come back when everything up here is no longer frozen (March/April). We have some money saved, and have also started a go fund me page as well (gofundme.com/zp6amw). I know the goal is high but we are also working and are NOT expecting to get all of it from the page. 

Currently we are living in Richmond, Maine in a camper and would like to relocate onto the Bristol instead of moving into an apartment or something and possibly having to get rid of Mia which is not by any means an option. 
Please stay tuned while we update our progress, as far as paying off the boat, getting it into the water etc. 

Expect pictures as well as videos as we keep you updated of our progress as well as our voyage. 
(Please feel free to share experiences, ideas on how to keep the cash flowing while we are gone, and anything else you think we might need to know or be aware of before making this voyage. I thank you for taking the time to read this little bit of our lives, please stay tuned for more updates!)